Cross The Teaze
Cross The Teaze

Cross The Teaze

Cross The Teaze are a UK 4 piece rock/indie group formed in 2009.

Meet The Band

Mark Coleman – Vocals, Sean Heanue – Bass/Vocals, Stuart Shaw – Guitar, Ash James – Drums/Percussion

Playing in many venues and on local radio stations, Cross The Teaze have built up quite an audience and have attracted serious interested within the music industry.

Working with new manager James May who has a solid link in the industry they have now been able to submit music to various television companies global and with super Grammy Award winning producer John Ravenhall coaching the group, They look set for 2013.

Cross The Teaze have just started recording their debut album which is going to be released through Universal Records, recorded in London, UK and Chicago, USA.

The track that is causing most interest is “Guns On The Table”.


Twitter: @CrossTheTeaze

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  1. woooooowoooooowww there is a song called jenny thats my name, must be about me hahahah
    sounds great cant wait for album

  2. Well maybe you YANKS should listen to the words in this song and “leave your Guns on the Table” instead of going round and shooting each other… Just a thought. Do us Brits always have to point out the obvious to you??? OUTLAW GUNS IN AMERICA this song should be the campaign song

  3. Me encanta esta banda, van a estar de gira en Estados Unidos. me gustaría ir a verlos? Cuando se haya álbum que sale?

  4. We should outlaw guns i agree. I have seen to many of my fellow americans die needlessly. Great song and maybe this is the start of a change.

  5. Liek the song… this song has a great mesage. would the world be a better place if we talked out our differences???

  6. If people wanna carry guns thats fine…… but there needs to be higher penalties. Cracking song by the way

  7. i would love to see this brit band come over to the states with this track you will picking them guns up from the table extremly quick lol but has a good beat and nice bass

  8. Thats alright lisa, they would have the RAF fly them out. YOUR NO MATCH FOR THE RAF QUEEN AND COUNTRY AND PROUD.

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