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Five Fresh Tracks for New Music Friday

New music? On a Friday? Groundbreaking.

It’s been an exciting week which saw new music announcements from Bruce Springsteen and Prince, Nic Cage drowning his sorrows with a passionate rendition of ‘Purple Rain’, someone pelting Ariana Grande with a lemon, and Marilyn Manson gifting Machine Gun Kelly a dildo with his face on it. We’re rounding it all off with some delicious bangers from the likes of Lokoy, Honey Moon, Tusks, Gazel, and GOLD MASS.

Lokoy ‘Two Too Many’

Norwegian artist Lokoy (Lasse Lokøy) has shared the first cut from his forthcoming second EP.

Written and produced by Lokoy himself, ‘Two Too Many’ is an effortless earworm, boasting quirky, classic production. Check it out below.

On the new track, Lokoy explained: “I overheard an elderly professor telling a story about an outrageous neighbourhood where he heard people yelling in the streets and holding hands. I thought to myself that it was hilarious that this man was so deeply shocked of such a natural, emotional, human behaviour. There’s something special about being with someone who’ll yell at you, and who you can yell at, and then a minute later you will hold hands.”

GOLD MASS‘Sentimentally Performed’

Shrouded in mystery, physicist-turned-independent-electronic artist GOLD MASS provides deeply intimate and uncompromisingly honest music.

Her latest single, ‘Sentimentally Performed’, unveils a playful side to the enigmatic Italian artist. Check it out below.

A tongue-in-cheek banger which explores the clumsy side of sex; using explicit sexual lyricism hidden under a high-spirited melody. 

GOLD MASS’ latest single is taken from her upcoming debut LP, Transitions, which is set for release 14th June 2019.

Honey Moon ‘If Only I Could Dream’

London-based jangle-pop quintet Honey Moon have marched into 2019 with their first single of the year, ‘If I Could Only Dream’.

Bright and plucky, the new track features the outfit’s trademark doo-wop sound and is a confident step into what looks to be a big year for the five-piece.

Frontman Jack Slater Chandler offered on the track: “‘If I Could Only Dream’ is about change, transition and wishful thinking. It’s about trying to right some wrongs. Sounds quite corny for someone in their mid-twenties but it was written during a cycle of change in my life that needed documenting in some way, and ended up in a sweet ditty. A sunny little pop song – one for the tried and tested mooner.”

Gazel‘You’re Not Funny’

British-Turkish songwriter and producer Gazel has shared the latest cut from her debut album, Gazel’s Book Of Souls.

‘You’re Not Funny’ is enthralling storytelling; filled with spoken word sections, melodies embossed with sweeping crescendos and a truly haunting chorus. Check it out below.

Gazel’s Book of Souls will drop later this year, 4th October.

Tusks ‘Foreign’

Tusks (real name Emily Underhill) has shared her latest single from her forthcoming sophomore album.

‘Foreign’ depicts the devastating effects of dysfunctional relationships with jarringly beautiful, pensive melodies. Check it out below.

On the track, Tusks offers; “Foreign is about the painful end of a dysfunctional relationship, where it feels like you’re strangers to each other by the end. I wanted the choruses to feel pretty uncomfortable with the distorted drums and vocals, making the song kind of beautiful but nasty.”

‘Foreign’ is the second track to be shared from Tusks’ upcoming album, Avalanche, which is set to be released 14th June 2019.

You can listen to our picks for Five Fresh Tracks and more on the Music Crowns Spotify page.

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